99 Million More Colors

By Tanner Roberts:

Life is full of bright, beautiful colors. Unless you have an eye condition, you are likely to see the same colors as your peers; however, could you imagine seeing a whole new color spectrum that no one else could? You would see colors no one else could and it would be completely astonishing because you have never seen those colors either. Something crazy to think about is if you were born with this ability, you would never even realize it because you would not know there were limitations on others vision. Scientists have found a woman in Northern England who, because of her eyes, is capable of such things. Researchers say she can see around ninety-nine million more colors than the average human.

These people are known as tetrachromats. They are born with four different cone/receptor cells in their eyes rather than the average three. Most humans are considered trichromats, as they are humans who are born with the average amount of receptor cells in the eyes. However, for this woman, she is the first in 25 years of research and hunting for someone of her kind. Her vision, being beyond the average human’s vision, is all possible due to her possession of an extra type of cone cell. This cell is a receptor cell, and its job is to detect and recognize colors. With an extra one of these, she is able to see the world differently than everyone else. Scientists are saying this woman isn’t the only one with this ability, but she has been the only one they have found and tested.

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