30/30 Rule in School

By Zoe Bedard

The 30/30 rule is a Powell High School rule where from the start of class to the end you cannot go to the bathroom during the first or last thirty minutes of class. This rule was created because students abused the usual bathroom rules and disrupted class time with constant requests to go to the restroom.

The problem with this rule is that it disciplines all students for the behavior of a few students. Not everyone abused these privileges in the past, but now everyone is suffering the present consequences. Another issue is that the middle thirty minutes of class are usually the most active and educational part of the class because the teacher has had time to get situated and begin the lesson. The main problem with the 30/30 rule is the fact that not everyone can wait to use the bathroom until after the first thirty minutes, or when class is over. In emergency bathroom situations (especially with girls) teachers can deduct points, or peers can miss out on a chance for extra credit. Some teachers have decided to use this rule as a chance to give out “bathroom passes” which put a limit on how many times you can head to the restroom. If a student chooses to forego using these bathroom passes, they are typically taken up at the end of the semester and the student is rewarded with extra credit points. But here is the issue, students are being rewarded for refraining to use the restroom. Going to the loo, or using the john, however you choose to refer to it, is a natural human action, and refraining from doing so in order to be rewarded can cause urinary tract infections and other infections among girls and boys alike. To solve this problem, students should not abuse the 30/30 rule and should try to show teachers that they can handle normal bathroom procedures. Another way to fix this is allowing students to go to the restroom during the first thirty minutes, since class will usually be less busy, making this the optimal time frame for using the bathroom. This rule should be forgotten about due to the fact that it causes a lot of problems for students. Being told you cannot use the bathroom because you're too early or too late, or because you are out of ‘passes' shouldn't be a reason to reject a student who needs to use the bathroom. The entire rule is problematic and PHS should do away with it.

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