2020 Horoscope

By Bailey Cabe

It is a new year, a start of a new decade and with that comes your yearly horoscope.

Aries: To start off your year Mars will be at Sagittarius, the sign of adventure and knowledge. This means this is the perfect time for world adventure and learning from the vast knowledge you get from it.

Taurus: You are a good life loving sign who will use this love to motivate you through this year. You will find comfort this year and enjoy the finer things in life.

Gemini: Connect with yourself and others this year. Watch your planet closely and beware of the dates February 6, March 9, June 17, July 11, October 13 and November 2.

Cancer: Make yourself your top priority this year. Follow the moon closely this year to have a better understanding of your moods.

Leo: This year the sun starts off in Capricorn so you will find yourself doing things for the sense of accomplishing it rather than the glory.

Virgo: Take care of your mind and body this year. Be aware of the dates February 16, March 9, June 18, July 12, October 13, and November 3. Don’t let people bring you down; your optimism is very effective against them.

Libra: Your ruling planet Venus starts off in Aquarius and Pisces giving you a loving and dreaming prospective making you more affectionate, understanding, and forgiving.

Scorpio: Your ruling planet Mars starts off in your sign giving you more confidence at the start of the year. This year is yours so it's important to get what's yours.

Sagittarius: This year will have a serious tone to it. Luck is on your side based on your actions so actively strive for what you want this year.

Capricorn: Work hard this year and you will succeed. You will need to change parts of you to meet your full potential but it works out well in the end.

Aquarius: Your urge to be rebellious is tame this year as it instead focuses inward. This will ultimately lead to your own destruction and also redemption.

Pisces: Dream big this year. Pay attention to your gut and intuition; these will lead you along this year and won't fail you.

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